The Transition to Adulthood in Spain. Economic Crisis and Late E


Title The Transition to Adulthood in Spain.
Economic Crisis and Late Emancipation.
Publisher ”la Caixa” Welfare Projects
Author/s Almudena Moreno Mínguez (coord.)
Subject Social Sciences
Edition (language) English
ISBN 978-84-9900-069-5
Pages 200
Colour Yes
Weight 300 g
Format 170 x 230 mm
Binding Paperback
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Abstract Since 2007, Europe has been in the midst of a severe and prolonged crisis, one which began as a financial crisis and has now become systemic, affecting productive activity, the labour market, public revenues and household economies. It is a crisis that is transforming social structures. The society that exits the crisis will not be the same as the society that entered it: it will be more divided, with greater social inequalities, poverty and exclusion.
The social impact of the crisis varies in each European country,
specific factors determining why its impact has been greater in
southern European countries. In Spain, the economic crisis has
become both a crisis of employment and a social crisis, which
explains why it is having an adverse effect on social cohesion.
This study analyses why employment has been so sensitive to the
decline in economic activity in Spain. It identifies the weaknesses
in Spain’s system of social protection and explains why rising
unemployment is leading to poverty and social exclusion. In Spanish society significant sectors of the population have had to adapt to situations of increasing deprivation, in some cases leading to extreme poverty.

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